Wii are here in Ayton to help you keep on gaming

It's your pride and joy under your TV and when it goes wrong you want it repaired as quickly as you can for the best price, contact us for a free, no obligation quote.


Can my device be fixed?
We have highly trained engineers so you can trust that we will complete any repair that is needed. If your not sure what repair is needed, don't panic, we will put your device through a diagnosis and contact you to give you a quote.
My touch screen is not responding, can you repair this?
We do not require your accessories with your device as we do have all necessary equipment in our service centre.
Will I loose the data on my mobile phone?
We ask before sending your mobile phone for repair to backup all data stored and to remove any memory cards.. We cannot be held responsible for any data lost on your mobile phone whilst in for repair
Will I lose my saved data?
We strongly recommend you remove any memory cards or backup your data before we repair as we cannot guarantee your data will stay in tact.
Nintendo Wii Repairs Ayton - Last updated: 12/04/2014